Well it hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows and anyone that tells you planning for a long motorcycle trip is easy, well they are either a planning genius or telling an untruth.

We have been planning this trip for nearly 5 years, we have travelled around Europe together on motorbikes every year since 2011.

In that time, we have changed, the bikes have changed, the kit has changed, destinations have changed, knowledge and frustrations have grown as what we are taking with us has reduced.

So who are we???

Neil and Steph aka the talking monkeys, its a joke we share( see the cartoon and quote in the header above)

We have now both finished work and have a small lump sum and pension that we will be using to fund our adventures( no point having it sat in the bank and we would rather be poor with memories than rich with things)

We are at the time of setting off March 2019 mid-aged (50 &49), we have sold up everything and all we own now fits on our bikes.

We have always and an interest in travel,Neil being ex Navy and Steph has always wanted to travel.

So Far we have ridden in France,Spain, Holland, Portugal,Germany, Slovenia,Italy,Luxemberg,Hungary,Poland and we are looking to go much much further.

Some facts about us so far.


Miles completed -11917 km

Countries visited so far- 22

Days on the go so far-121

Costs and money spent so far ( for 2 people, this amount includes all hotels, food, lodgings, fuel motorcycle repairs, ferry crossings, campsite fees and clothing and items purchased- this does not include insurances for the bikes or travel insurance for us)


this works out to roughly 85 euros per day for 2 people.


2005 GS- New discs and pads all round , 1 set tyres, oil and filter change,one broken spot light

2010 GSA, 1set new tyres, oil and filter change, Fuel gauge stopped working, Front tyre pressure sensor stopped working 10 miles from home, rear spray deflector removed as bolts had sheared, front spot light fixing broke ( now fixed) right hand pannier fell off causing scratches and minor damage.

We have changed some items of clothing, bedding and riding kit and these are included in the above.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information on costs and routes, we will reply but it might take time, Thanks.

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