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I ( Neil) have always been interested in bikes, I started riding at an early age and passed my bike test at 17 long before I had a car licence.

Steph is a later convert to bikes ( motherhood and all that) but is now as passionate as me about bikes, this is where it all began all those years ago.

Foxy (125) and Big Red

Since that time I( Neil) have worked my way through a series of bikes from a 2007 GSA via a K1600, K75,Ducati Multistrada gen1, 2 x triumphs a Daytona 955i and an early Sprint, while Steph has had 3 the 125 and Africa Twin ( original) and now her 1200 GS the Boss .

A bit cold, no reason not to ride

So here are a few images of us and our bikes

Camping on a K1600 with a GS

and now one from our latest trip

Lunchtime rural Spain

It doesn't matter what bike you own, though we do have some pictures of a Gen 1 Ducati multistrada that could make you think otherwise, however over time you will come across a bike that suits your needs, yes there will always be bigger faster newer, better bikes but at the end of the day several factors have to be taken into account.

What you are going to be doing with them, can you ride them off road, how hard will it be to get hold of parts, can you service and repair them with a basic kit, what price will your carnet be ( if you require one), can you afford them ( we now own ours).

At some point your going to have to do some of this

Harder than it looks

and probably not in a nice garage like this.

Whatever you decide to ride on will be the right bike for you, these are the bikes for us, we have already completed 1000"s of miles on these bikes and found them to be rugged, load luggers that have just enough off road ability for us and our limited level of offload skill.

Get some off road tuition, we used Kev Hammond at adventurebikerider Norfolk, why small groups , just the 2 of us, he was an excellent teacher and showed us what these big bikes can do, whilst giving us just enough common sense to keep us safe.

Also get some maintenance tuition if your not great with the spanners ( I am rather hamfisted and Steph is actually better at bike maintenance than me , much more patient), thanks Must go to Stephen Wright at Wrightway motorcycles Bayliff Bridge for his patience understanding and use of tools ( his workshop is always cold though)

Finally get involved with a specialist mechanic for the big jobs you cant do ( BMW GS CLUTCH ANYONE), thanks again to Grahams BMW Bradford for doing the things we couldn't ( Graham, Stephen and Bill)

Finally get the kit that suits you and don't be afraid to go none standard, We can recommend Marc Hooton of CYMARC bike parts, you won't meet a nicer friendlier or more engaging fellow who will go out of his way to help you and sort out the parts you need, he made some fantastic bash plates for us.

Finally get on and ride.

and you will see views like this.

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