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Castles,Churches, Squares and History!

We left Morocco with some sadness and unfinished business, plenty still to do there.

We made our way into Andalucia in Spain and found a wonderful little camp site outside the village of La Guijarrosa not far from Cordoba.

The site was run by Matilda and was one of those little gems you sometimes come across, small, friendly not packed together like sardines and the staff could not have been more helpful.

30 pitches surrounded by olive groves, on a bus route and a sensible walking into the village.

What a wonderful area to explore from castles from the" Game of Thrones", to copies of the Alhambra, local knowledge is a wonderful thing, thanks again Matilda, the wonderful owner of the campsite.

Ecija was an eye opener with churches, squares, markets and bars, including the place of Justice or Courthouse which was amazing, there was court cases in session when we visited.

We also found some amazing roads the A3151 from Posdas was unbelievable, with every single type of corner, mile after mile of race track tarmac with no vehicles it, the roads went this way and that way, we stopped for a picnic and the only sound we could hear was insects and birdsong. A truly perfect spot.

Still Andulucia had more to give, Cordaba was an amazing town to walk around, it is simply amazing how many churches there are and as was stated to us that if the church sold half its possessions world hunger would disappear, we cannot comment however every church we went into was something else.

Game of Thrones, well we have been to Highgarden and to the castle where lots of scenes were filmed.

This is one of best kept castles in Spain, it was rebuilt from a ruin in the 1920 by its owner who nearly bankrupt himself to do it, however the results are amazing and it is worth 9 euros to visit, no guided tours you get to freely roam all over the castle with its game of thrones references an example of human will and a must visit if your in the area, look for

Almodovar del Rio you cannot miss it.

Trust me the images do not do this castle justice , you really need to visit this magnificent place.

Andulica has so much to offer, we went for a drink in one of the local bars after a long 6 hours ride around the local area and we met up with Albe and Amanda a crazy ( their words not ours) welsh couple who had been travelling around in motorhome for 4 years and are currently house sitting in the local village, they invited us around and we spent a very pleasant afternoon sitting in the sun drinking and putting the world to rights, they both felt like old friends even though we had just met them and they couldn't do enough for us, we had a superb time and hope they had a good party with the family they were meeting up with next, the wine might help ( hope you get to read this!)

Reading this you might think this travel is all good fun, however we've have been laid low with none gender specific flu, its not man flu as both me and Steph had it, we were both coughing, sweating and generally not feeling well, but if your going to be ill sunshine and motorbikes help.

Don't really feel like we have done this part of the world real justice, it is a much more interesting, open ,historical and beautiful location than we can ever give it credit for, visit, talk to the locals, be guided by them and go with the flow.

Bikes will be safe roads will be mostly good ( apart from 25 kms of offloading we had to do, no real issues after Morocco but not what we wanted at 1600 after 5 hours on the bikes) and the Spanish, friendly, welcoming and understanding of our very poor Spanish language skills.

However we must move onwards, 15 degrees on a bike now seems cold and after a short break near Barcelona, Corsica and Sardinia await.

Keep smiling the next good road is around the corner.

Neil and Steph.

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