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It never rains when it pours!!!

With less than 2 weeks until we set off, the fickle hand of fate steps in to throw a spanner in the works.

A service and check over for my bike, along with some powder coating for the rear frames( which were rusty) turns into this!

Sure it will be fine

and again

no exhaust flap thing

we are told that its nothing to worry about and once some parts, arrive to ensure the final drive is working at its best ,we are told it should be back together inside 2 days ( fingers crossed).

So we take the Boss ( Steph 2005 GS) in for a check over

Steph and the Boss in sunnier times

and we are told there is a leak of oil in the bell housing ,which if left may drop oil onto the clutch and cause issues, not something we want with what we have got planned. This is is not a simple fix on a 1200GS and the whole rear end has to come off, so the Boss will end looking like the Bumblebee, but again we are told it should all be good to go for the departure date, here's hoping.

Thanks again to Graham,Stephen and Bill at Grahams motorcycles Bradford for fitting us in and doing the hard jobs that we cannot, due to lack of ability and equipment.

Next the effects of Brexit ( or not), just to be sure as we will be in Spain on the 29th March, we took the precautions and got international driving licences, 3 each for both of us. You get these from a main post office and the moral the story here is; if you have to travel several miles to get these make sure you check them all over before you leave the post office as one of Stephs had been made valid until 2099, not sure we would have got away with that so another trip to the post office required, but its all sorted now.

We have also made the very hard decision to change tents, we know you should go with tried and tested and our WIKIUP 3 is a fantastic lightweight tent, however if its raining there is nowhere really to sit and it could of made for some long days ( its not all sunshine and rainbows), so after much research we have purchased a LONE RIDER motorcycle tent.

Not that we wish to park a bike near where we sleep, however the large porch area will give us space to cook, change and possibly get dry and if we do have to work on the bikes will have somewhere undercover to do it, as well as having a nice place to sit out if its raining.( had some good service from Lone Rider as well).

We have also changed our sleeping mats, my old thermarest basecamp XL gave up the ghost whilst sleeping on our sons floor, so after much research I purchased a sea to summit 4 season mat, it is extremely comfortable, warm and has a tiny pack size, Steph was so impressed so got a similar item, these really are small in size.

Insurance, well Hastings could not give us any straight answers re green cards and insurance validity, so we have cancelled our policy with them and via Bikesure/ Adrian FLUX we have purchased at considerable cost bespoke insurance to cover stage 1 of our trip ( which we will cover in a later post) ,they issue travel packs and green cards, which will be needed, however the hassle with no claims on policies has been more than its worth, but hopefully ( that word again) its all being sorted now( as our bank balance reflects).

Finally we had an appointment with our bank today ( 18th Feb) to sort the last of our finances, but our advisor has been ill ( hope she gets better soon) and the meeting has been pushed back until the 25th Feb, we leave on the 28th, leaving it a bit short.

Things that have gone easily, our wills are done ( first time we've ever had one, its a good idea apparently) and we have taken on a Revolut bank account and card for travelling. Have been impressed so far, it gives you a running total of what you have spent and on what and every time you spend on it, a reminder is sent to your phone.

When travelling you can transfer an amount from your balance into a local currency and if you use the card amounts will be deducted in the local currency, thus avoiding transfer fees, the rates are also better than the high street and if you get the phone app ( which must be simple as we can use it ) it also has all kinds of things attached to it.

The basic account is free and funds can be deposited from a Uk account.

This has been a bit of a long post and a bit of moan, but if we cannot deal with this how the hell are we going to cope on the road.

Next up Stage 1 and hopefully some fully working bikes.

Happy riding Neil and Steph.

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