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Just when you thought that you couldn't get any more out of your comfort zone by selling up everything and putting all you own on two motorbikes, you then decide to go to Morocco

Well what can we say?? it's a crazy place, a country of immense contrasts, where everyone seems to have a mobile phone, but fields are still ploughed by horses, and donkeys are everywhere.

You can never be totally alone in Morocco, even when you think you are out in the middle of nowhere someone will approach you with the famous words " how are you my friend"

The majority of people are unbelievably friendly and we were greated as genuine objects of curiosity almost like our own Charlie and Ewan.

Children out of towns would run out to great us and often wanted to slap our hands as we went past, some just stared and when they saw Steph get off her 1200 gs some men just walked away almost shocked.

We saw all sorts , this really is a country of contrasts from new Range Rovers and X5 BMW to 40 year old Merc 240d cars and any number of Mercedes vans often with people hanging off the back or sat on the roof racks.

Driving standards were grand theft auto vs super Mario cart with taxis being the worst, overtakes on blind bends were the norm with traffic often squeezing in-between me and Steph.

The road surfaces ranged from beautiful smooth 2 lane highways, to broken tarmac with some of the biggest pots holes we've ever seen to gravel, just gravel, after 20 miles on the stuff on partly loaded GS our heads were fried.

In towns anything goes, wrong way around roundabouts, up the wrong way on one way streets and the use of horns and lights was a thing to behold.

Keep your eyes open for cows, goats, donkeys and sheep to be tied to the side of the road as well as the odd camel or two and never discount being cut up by a taxi or anyone without a care in the world stepping out in front of you.

The country is undergoing massive changes with lots of building and infrastructure projects ongoing in the parts we went to, it's almost as if the country is trying to update itself, you will need some patience my friend.

There are lots of petrol stations however some did not have unleaded and some were pick up places for workers, with 9 or more in a Mercedes car or 20 or more in a van.

There were loads of different types of police and regular checkpoints, usually at roundabouts, but they did not seem to care about 2 older brits on motorbikes at all.

We stayed in CHEFCHAOUEN a terrific old town on a hill side, the old market and winding streets were a sight to behold, with every kind of item being sold usually by one person on there own in tiny little workshops/shops, the range and amount of things for sale was amazing, just learn to say no thank you with a smile and walk on, these would put used car salesmen to shame, yes they are that good.

The quality of images isn't great but its a very old camera, hope you get the idea.

Always ask for a recommendation for food, we asked at or hotel and had 2 fantastic 3 course meals with drinks cooked fresh for us for less than 16 euros for both of us.

Always checkoff recommendations when travelling with bikes, our Hotel Alkhalifa was recommended on a bike forum and it was excellent

We rode some amazing roads around here and saw some amazing views

After 2 days we moved onto the coast to Larache and we stayed in a wonderful old Hotel the ESPANA, right on one of the main roundabouts of the town, from our balcony we watched some amazing sights and the buzz of the places was something else.

It has coast, and history and you could see the old French influence on many of the buildings

We ate some amazing food watched all kinds of people going about their daily lives, walked through one of the biggest markets we've ever seen and even drank coffee and ate ice cream as a student demonstration stopped traffic in front of us.

We had tea like we've never drank before and a breakfast at the hotel which was filling with olives and cheese, followed by pancakes and a small omelette and lots of other things and very strong coffee, so different from the normal breakfasts we've had.

We would have liked to have stayed longer but world events overtook us and we made a safe and maybe an unjust decision to return to Spain.

Morocco got under our skins and trust us we will be back.

If you go be prepared for an assault on all your senses, especially if your riding a bike , a wonderful country with wonderful people.

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