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Nordkapp- Phase 1 Complete

The iconic Globe

After much planning, kit changes, route changes, sun, sea, rain, clouds and everything in-between we made it to our first goal, the Nordkapp.

High up in the artic circle where the sun never really goes down in the summer months, we braved rain, fog and tour buses from the cruise ships to finally arrive at the iconic ball at around 0240 am.

Why did we got at that time you ask??

Well a couple of reasons, we were hoping for a great sunrise shot on the edge and you cannot ride bikes to the globe if the tourist centre is open, they threaten to bulldozer your bike into the sea, so you have to go when its shut after 1am and before 5am if you want to capture the images, oh and you also avoid the costs involved approx 26 euros each ( ouch).

In true talkingmonkeys tradition the weather was rubbish, we didn't see much but we did it and have the images to prove it!

Cold wet and happy, you wouldn't believe that people would be around at that time but trust us there were plenty, including several bikers, seems we are not the only ones wanting to save money.

It was an experience, even the ride up and back was odd, daylight at 2am and we managed to capture a few good views.

and this one, bit of a tough spot to camp in bad weather

We rode back to our hostel, sneaked back in and had a well deserved OBAN whiskey, the good good stuff, before going back to sleep.

We will be wild camping a bit in Norway and Sweden making our way South for some sun, we have some sites to see and roads to ride, but thats for another day.

Safe riding, good travels and for anyone thinking the Nordkapp is difficult to do, its not really it just takes time and a little planning.

Neil and Steph

aka thetalkingmonkeys

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