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One week 1000 miles

So it begins this travelling lark. So far we have travelled from the UK to Santander by ferry and onwards to Salamanca

Salamanca is a wonderful place to spend a couple of days, then onwards to Elvas in Portugal which has some of the best old world architecture like something out a Bond or Bourne film, it really is stunning.

We also found out that our rear waterproof roll bag was nothing of the sort leaving us with 2 very wet sleeping bags also t you cannot expect none BMW spotlights to stay attached to your BMW, thank goodness for cable ties a leatherman and 2 curclips sorted it.

We would also like to state our praises for our Lone Rider motorcycle tent, bought on a whim, rushed to us in time for our big set off, we can say yes it is easy put up, completely waterproof has some really well thought out features and was nice to sleep in for a few days at a campsite close to Jerez. It was also Carnival time and the place was buzzing, we watched a very loud parade with bands, floats and silly string all over the place, the local police car was covered, it was brilliant.

The streets were packed, the rain stopped and the temperatures went up, there was also a massive fireworks display over Cadiz which seemed to go on forever.

Packing up at 9 in the morning in 23 degrees was fun and a hot slow ride down to the Port at Algeciras to get tickets to Morocco was an experience.

We nearly suffered our first scam as the words " aahh my friend" were spoken to us, luckily we managed to find our way to the proper ticket office and now have tickets for a ferry to Morocco tomorrow, we will see what that brings.

And finally for anyone that knows me will understand why I found the below image funny, just cant get away.

Its the Fuzz outside our Hotel room

Happy riding and travels to you all.

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