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School time!!!

Things you learn on the road are many and daily.

You will ,because it is human nature bring too much stuff with you, we are on repack and reduce number 4!

You will not have the correct kit for what you want to do, Steph is now on sleeping bag number 3, 5 degress may seem fine to us of northern blood, but after a month in decent sunshine 5 degrees at night seems cold, so extra sleeping bags have been bought and the original green slug disposed of.

We now have several spare 10L waterproof bags, these seemed fine in the planning stage but are really a bit too small, I now have 2 x 30l monsters for the tops of my panniers, both are very light weight and have freed up space in my panniers for much heavier items and improved the balance of my bike.

Things will break, from camping chairs to light brackets and head torches, now all replaced or temporary fixed.

It is a lot easier to cook on a folding camping table, one which is thin weighs nothing and fits inside a pannier taking up very little room.

Distances are always further than you think, if Google say 4 hours add at least a couple more.

Toll roads are eye wateringly expensive, 30 euros each per bike for 150 miles, please do avoid if you can.

There is no need to rush anymore and if 1 day turns into 2 so be it, your no longer on holiday.

As above try and keep an eye on costs as your not on holiday and those funds that you thought was sufficient perhaps is not enough, cook for yourself more, buy cheap bottles of wine, good wine can be had for 2 euros 10 and its much better than we get at home.

It will rain and temps will go up as well as down, you will not always be wearing the best motorcycle gear for the weather conditions.

You will get uncomfortable, too hot, too cold, too tired and a bit fed up, it happens.

Your plans will change, it was easier for us to get a ferry from Morocco to Spain than it is for us to get a ferry from Spain to Sardinia.

Web pages will tell untruths, about opening times and not everyone in customer services is helpful, sometimes quite the opposite, go with the flow, but feel free to shout and swear a bit, it helps with the frustrations.

This all seem a bit gloomy, not at all ,as we like to say " a reality check as subtle as a brick to the face"

You will see great sights, ride some great roads, overcome challenges, experience different cultures and you will enjoy it.

Happy Steph after 25 miles of off road/no road

and finally you will never have enough stored power for all your devices, even with your solar charges and power packs, 2 headset comms devices, 2 mobile phones a laptop and a tablet, too much probably, we are open to ideas!!!

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