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Well its finally happened , we have set off on our adventure and arrived in Spain.

The weather in the UK was fantastic for the time of year, loads of sunshine and highs of 14 C, the best biking weather in ages, but of course it rained on our way to the ferry and it was a cold 8C.

Calm after the Storm

The picture above was taken the morning after the night before, it was a bit bouncy in the Bay of Biscay and we can now confirm Steph suffers terribly with seasickness, me not at all.

Steph spent 17 hours in bed being ill, I feel sorry for all those that suffer, still I managed to watch loads of films and we saved a small fortune on food and drinks.

Trust me this is Steph looking so much better the morning after.

Feeling better in the fresh air

and one of the happy couple

Happiness is having someone to take the piss when your not feeling well

Bay survived, bikes fine thanks to the 3 straps and blocks the crew used to secure them and then our first little 250 miles to Salamanca.

We must say we like the new to us TK70 tyres, very different feel to the old Tourance tyres.

The bikes ran really well fully loaded, they handled the short hop down so much better than the 2 out of shape not bike fit riders ( we haven't ridden properly since NOV 18) did.

Life wouldn't be the same for us without a little drama, my front tyre pressure sensor has stopped working, so glad I packed the pressure gauge and Steph bike is showing a warning light for the rear light being out it isn't but this is so us.

So we've had a night or 2 in a posh hotel in Salamanca, we did drop bike kit all over the hotel room as usual.

Salamanca really is a very interesting place, not a week interesting but a couple of days interesting, there are so many churches and great buildings old and new mixed together, with a fantastic vibe.

You will not go hungry or thirsty in the city there are so many bars and places to explore.

We have explored all over both night and day and even Steph is feeling better

Feeling better on dry land

Some fantastic sights in Salamanca

Back on the bikes tomorrow a back road route into Portugal and an over night in Elvas, which in our opinion is always worth a visit, then down towards Saville and let the camping commence.

We intend to spend a few days in Morocco, which is very new and exciting for us, but old hat to few others.

We will wander through parts of Europe and Baltic states before a trip to the Nordkapp, we will hopefully keep anyone interested updated and maybe if we can figure out the action cameras, a few more video's.

Finally are we doing the right thing?? who knows, its scary, worrying and terrifying in equal measures but we wouldn't have it any other way and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have the chance to do this, we need to and carnt wait for more adventures.

p.s. if anyone is planning to do something similar, give yourself more time than you can imagine, read more , plan more because ( and trust us on this one) last second hitches can and will pop up, sorting out green cards the day before your on the ferry is not fun.

Happy riding and have fun.

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