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The story so far.

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

T/M2 at peace waiting for a Ferry

The bikes having a little rest in the Spanish sun

We are 2 mid aged people who have a passion for travel by motorcycle.We have travelled around Europe for several years and we are now looking to travel much much further.

Okay why BMW GS of all the bikes we could have chosen, well we own them, they are ours. The Red 05 GS already has 80000 miles on the clock and the yellow GSA 41000, say hello to the BOSS and the BUMBLEBEE.

Over the past few years we have been refining changing altering and adapting the bikes to suit us and what we want, they would not suit everyones or be everyone choice but they 75% bikes in that they will do most things well upto about 75%, yes there are lighter faster, more powerful, newer bikes around, but these are ours and we like them.

We can more or less service them ourselves and after a recent off road course ( not the main stream one) we were amazed what we and the bikes can do and once you've been shown how to pick them up they are not so bad.

About us, well we have been planning our trip for nearly 5 years, a good glass of wine helps. We have sold our house and all our possessions, everything we own now fits onto those 2 bikes. It was hard to let go of all lives little perks but really not having a TV is nice, best of all we now have no bills ( even if we are sleeping on our sons floor), this time really is the dying embers of our past lives.

How can we afford this, well I won't give you its all down to hard work and savings, because it isn't, I was lucky enough to find a job many many years ago that would let me finish a a reasonable age with a small lump sum and pension and if your only bills are food, fuel, camp fees, bike parts and the odd beer your money can go a long way.

The plan, in so far that these things are always open to change ( Brexit anyone) is to go into Spain then have a few days in Morocco before a European ,Eastern Europe, Nordkapp kind of adventure to settle us down and get used to travelling by bike for more than a month before we ship out to South America September 2019.

We hope that our little blog/webpage will be of interest to someone, if not no worries this page is mainly for us family/friends and grandchildren ( yeah we are that old).

Enjoy kick back and if we can do it so can anyone.

There are always new roads to explore

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