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This the end/The return

Views and high roads

As a very famous band once said, "this is the end beautiful end my friend", well not really for us, we just have to make our way back to the UK.

We had returned to the wonderful Motocamp Bulgaria for a bit of us time, it really is like the old sitcom Cheers, everybody knows your name and your always glad you came, they really should have a T-shirt that says "one more day", its such a relaxing place with good people.

We went to see the space ship again, once is never quite enough, how and why it was built is a discussion for a different time and even though we knew what to expect it still is a spectical

Buzludzha !!!

Managed to get the bike a little closer this time

The views from the top on a good day really are something

We also managed to get some tyres fitted to our bikes at motor camp and we finally got to use the torque wrench we had carried around with us, thanks to Mr J Peach for taking our wheels to have new tyres and bringing them back to us with new rubber fitted, Steph also got some nice soft luggage for the Bos.

Not as bad as it looks

New luggage all fitted

Keep the weight down

We went to Southern Bulgaria for a few days and found some fantastic twisty roads deep in the Bulgarian ski area, we found great tarmac roads, badly potholed roads and on one descent no road at all, it had all been washed away with deep ruts, rocks and very little room for error. Our off road skills have improved but 7km downhill on a GS and a GSA, in 33degress on a 1 in 7 hill takes a lot out of you, add in the 400 meter drop off and no barriers and it made for a very interesting 30 mins on 8611. We made it and stopped at the first cafe for a drink and a bite to eat, the locals looked at us and I am sure they were saying to each " where have they just ridden from!"

Chepelare did not disappoint and the hotel we stayed in was cheap, clean and did excellent food and beer, even if it was next a a housing block that looked a little on the rougher side.

As we were leaving Chepelare to return to the Motocamp we were riding along a lovely wide open road in a valley bottom, with trees either side on a bright hot sunny day at about 10:45. I had gone on and seen nothing at all, we were doing about 65mph and all of a sudden Steph said via the intercom, "Ive got to stop, Ive hit a deer", I pulled in pretty sharpish.

Steph was very very lucky not to come off, the deer ripped of the left hand front indicator, cracked a plastic panel and left bits of its blood and fur on the exhaust and suspension, Steph hurt her ankle and leg but other than a bit of shock and bruising she was unhurt, very lucky indeed.

We later fixed the damage and managed to rig up an indicator from a CB 500 Honda, thanks to Stewart a mad Aussie who flew in Georgia and bought a CB 500 that was very used to say the least, it had no footpeg on one side just a bolt, every panel had some form of damage, the seat was bent and ripped and the exhaust had been welded more than once but the bloody thing always started first time.

Who carry's spare indicators and shrink wrap?? glad he did.

Heres the new improved BMW, thanks Honda and Stewart

The BOS showing its scars

Eventually we had to leave Bulgaria and head into Romania for the Horizons meeting.

This involved boarder crossing and every one we have taken has been quick, well 15 to 45 mins, but everywhere there have been lines of lorries waiting to cross, say what you like about the EU but borderless crossings really are a good thing for travel and trade.

We took a nice ferry on a little used crossing from Bulgaria to Romania, it took us approx 20 mins to clear both customs, however our 1pm ferry turned into a 1.30pm ferry just so they could fill it up.

and getting on the ferry

We decided that a campsite would be good and so we stayed in Camping Curtea de Arges Romania, we had heard about hut living and so we decided to give it a go and other than banging my head several times it was nice, 2 beds and a bathroom all for the cost of camping, its a good place to stay and there are some decent roads nearby, it was nice to ride without all the luggage on the bikes.

Hutti as are friend Salla would say

We stayed at the Hutti and rode 2 of the worlds most famous roads, the Transfagarasan and the transalpinna both of which were busy, which kind of ruined the ride, there were some amazing views on both Roads and of the two I preferred the transalpinna, its just more of a bikers road, if you can avoid the cars ,coaches, cows amongst other things.

A mixture of pictures from Romanian high roads

and one more

Yes go ride them, but go early or late to avoid the traffic and if your really lucky you may see a bear, as we did, a fu.king big bear on the on the side of the road, it really was not bothered by cars, buses or motorcycles, no photo we are really not that brave.

Next up was the horizons Unlimited meeting in Romania, we had no idea what to expect, but it was well run and very informative. We met some wonderful people as well as some old friends.

We learnt much during the three days and now really want to go to the Stans and Russia, Magadan, we also have unfinished business in Bulgaria.

The meeting was good and even managed to learn some new off road skills, thanks to Marty Bspies.

Some images from the meeting

see BMW and KTM can get along

some more

last skill check

Fat, fifty and flying

We had a great time and hope to stay connected via that social media site ( oh look at us networking)

We had our last boarder crossing between Romania and Hungary ( next time we need to show passports will be to get on the ferry to UK, tell us again why the EUis so bad)

We spent some time in Slovakia, first at a Hotel, which had fantastic aircon and then at a mountain camping near Liptovsky Mikulas where we have witnessed some amazing thunderstorms.

Along with great views

We will soon be moving back into Poland, Krakow, Poznan and the coast before spending our last couple of days in Bremen, its been amazing and life changing, and this is the beginning not the end, let the adventures continue.

Safe travels

Neil and Steph aka thetalkingmonkeys

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