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Whats happened to us

You know what they say you can never ever say what's about to happen.

After our last trip we had great plans and ideas, our minds were filled with trips to do and places to go, the world seemed like a small inclusive place, filled with great adventures, great people and endless opportunities.

We thought long and hard about how to finance our trips and how long would our money last and if we would work for the man again or not. We also talked long and hard about where we would go and what we would do if the worst happens and one of us was hurt and we need a place to rest.

Having no home in the UK and unable to stay with elderly parents or children; after a chance meeting and half drunken conversations at Motocamp Bulgaria, we were told about house prices and offered the chance to look at few.

So after much discussion, soul searching, arguments and financial calculations we purchased a bolt hole in Bulgaria, it was meant to be a place for short rests a lock and forget kind of place, we bought it as a wreck

It had not been live in for over 5 years and the owners had just locked the door and left it full of stuff.

Our intention was to do winter at Motocamp Bulgaria ( a wonderful warm welcoming place run by Ivo and Polly) where travellers and bikers are always welcome and the fridge is nearly always full of beer. You will meet like minded people, swap stories and experiences and make some long term friends and aquantances, we recommend going, but you might not want to leave.

We intended to slowly fix up the house over the winter with the intention of being on the road again in April/May 2020, we all know what happened to those plans.

So being isolated and locked down in Bulgaria we put a lot of effort and time into fixing up our little place, there really wasn't much else to do at first.

Once lockdown eased a little we were allowed to explore more of Bulgaria and it really is a superb country, 2/3rds the size of England with a population of about 7 million, space and empty roads you can find without problems.

You will come across soviet era monuments and planes in odd places

Some of the views are stunning and the roads twisty and challenging, though the tarmac can be unpredictable.

There are great views around the corner and history aplenty.

After much hard work and some money we did not want to spend ( roof repairs )

Our house and barn are now almost finished ( houses are never finished,ever) and the cost of running the house for a year is less than we paid to rent and pay bills in the UK for a month so it is a sustainable long term option and with Bulgaria looking to become a full EU member we are hoping that the investment we have put into the house will be repaid should we need to move on.

One from the front of the house

Whilst we were in lockdown, we found that the rules for off road riding in Bulgaria are fairly relaxed so after a chance conversation with a New Zeland traveler, we purchased his WR250R as he could not return because of Covid, we tried off roading with a gs but it was hard work.

So after another chance conversation with an English couple in the village we purchased a second offload bike a 250 Skorpa with a WR250 engine, we found out that we are rather useless off road, but it is great fun, in the wonderful Bulgarian countryside

one more

always watch out for loose branches

So what are our plans now, well we are aware that there maybe a 60 day Russia visa coming out soon, hopefully Turkey and the Stans will be open 2021and South America will be open post Covid.

For now we hope to get a van for the dirt bikes and go somewhere warm for winter, Portugal sounds good.

Even in these Covid times we have just spent 16 days riding our bikes around Europe to return to the Uk, no issues no real stress, we are currently in the Uk seeing family and will return to Bulgaria in the coming weeks.

and again

If you are ever down Bulgaria way pop in and say hello and we will try and update you more often once we are back on the road properly.

Stay safe and ride.

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